Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2MouseJoint Class Reference

#include <b2_mouse_joint.h>

Inheritance diagram for b2MouseJoint:

Public Member Functions

b2Vec2 GetAnchorA () const override
 Implements b2Joint.
b2Vec2 GetAnchorB () const override
 Implements b2Joint.
b2Vec2 GetReactionForce (float inv_dt) const override
 Implements b2Joint.
float GetReactionTorque (float inv_dt) const override
 Implements b2Joint.
void SetTarget (const b2Vec2 &target)
 Use this to update the target point.
const b2Vec2GetTarget () const
void SetMaxForce (float force)
 Set/get the maximum force in Newtons.
float GetMaxForce () const
void SetStiffness (float stiffness)
 Set/get the linear stiffness in N/m.
float GetStiffness () const
void SetDamping (float damping)
 Set/get linear damping in N*s/m.
float GetDamping () const
void Dump () override
 The mouse joint does not support dumping.
void ShiftOrigin (const b2Vec2 &newOrigin) override
 Implement b2Joint::ShiftOrigin.
- Public Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
b2JointType GetType () const
 Get the type of the concrete joint.
b2BodyGetBodyA ()
 Get the first body attached to this joint.
b2BodyGetBodyB ()
 Get the second body attached to this joint.
b2JointGetNext ()
 Get the next joint the world joint list.
const b2JointGetNext () const
b2JointUserDataGetUserData ()
 Get the user data pointer.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Short-cut function to determine if either body is enabled.
bool GetCollideConnected () const
virtual void Draw (b2Draw *draw) const
 Debug draw this joint.

Protected Member Functions

 b2MouseJoint (const b2MouseJointDef *def)
void InitVelocityConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
void SolveVelocityConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
bool SolvePositionConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
 b2Joint (const b2JointDef *def)

Protected Attributes

b2Vec2 m_localAnchorB
b2Vec2 m_targetA
float m_stiffness
float m_damping
float m_beta
b2Vec2 m_impulse
float m_maxForce
float m_gamma
int32 m_indexA
int32 m_indexB
b2Vec2 m_rB
b2Vec2 m_localCenterB
float m_invMassB
float m_invIB
b2Mat22 m_mass
b2Vec2 m_C
- Protected Attributes inherited from b2Joint
b2JointType m_type
b2JointEdge m_edgeA
b2JointEdge m_edgeB
int32 m_index
bool m_islandFlag
bool m_collideConnected
b2JointUserData m_userData


class b2Joint

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
static b2JointCreate (const b2JointDef *def, b2BlockAllocator *allocator)
static void Destroy (b2Joint *joint, b2BlockAllocator *allocator)

Detailed Description

A mouse joint is used to make a point on a body track a specified world point. This a soft constraint with a maximum force. This allows the constraint to stretch and without applying huge forces. NOTE: this joint is not documented in the manual because it was developed to be used in the testbed. If you want to learn how to use the mouse joint, look at the testbed.

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