Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2Draw Class Referenceabstract

#include <b2_draw.h>

Public Types

enum  {
  e_shapeBit = 0x0001, e_jointBit = 0x0002, e_aabbBit = 0x0004, e_pairBit = 0x0008,
  e_centerOfMassBit = 0x0010

Public Member Functions

void SetFlags (uint32 flags)
 Set the drawing flags.
uint32 GetFlags () const
 Get the drawing flags.
void AppendFlags (uint32 flags)
 Append flags to the current flags.
void ClearFlags (uint32 flags)
 Clear flags from the current flags.
virtual void DrawPolygon (const b2Vec2 *vertices, int32 vertexCount, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a closed polygon provided in CCW order.
virtual void DrawSolidPolygon (const b2Vec2 *vertices, int32 vertexCount, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a solid closed polygon provided in CCW order.
virtual void DrawCircle (const b2Vec2 &center, float radius, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a circle.
virtual void DrawSolidCircle (const b2Vec2 &center, float radius, const b2Vec2 &axis, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a solid circle.
virtual void DrawSegment (const b2Vec2 &p1, const b2Vec2 &p2, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a line segment.
virtual void DrawTransform (const b2Transform &xf)=0
virtual void DrawPoint (const b2Vec2 &p, float size, const b2Color &color)=0
 Draw a point.

Protected Attributes

uint32 m_drawFlags

Detailed Description

Implement and register this class with a b2World to provide debug drawing of physics entities in your game.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

draw shapes


draw joint connections


draw axis aligned bounding boxes


draw broad-phase pairs


draw center of mass frame

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawTransform()

virtual void b2Draw::DrawTransform ( const b2Transform xf)
pure virtual

Draw a transform. Choose your own length scale.

xfa transform.

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