Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2Fixture Class Reference

#include <b2_fixture.h>

Public Member Functions

b2Shape::Type GetType () const
b2ShapeGetShape ()
const b2ShapeGetShape () const
void SetSensor (bool sensor)
 Set if this fixture is a sensor.
bool IsSensor () const
void SetFilterData (const b2Filter &filter)
const b2FilterGetFilterData () const
 Get the contact filtering data.
void Refilter ()
 Call this if you want to establish collision that was previously disabled by b2ContactFilter::ShouldCollide.
b2BodyGetBody ()
const b2BodyGetBody () const
b2FixtureGetNext ()
const b2FixtureGetNext () const
b2FixtureUserDataGetUserData ()
bool TestPoint (const b2Vec2 &p) const
bool RayCast (b2RayCastOutput *output, const b2RayCastInput &input, int32 childIndex) const
void GetMassData (b2MassData *massData) const
void SetDensity (float density)
float GetDensity () const
 Get the density of this fixture.
float GetFriction () const
 Get the coefficient of friction.
void SetFriction (float friction)
float GetRestitution () const
 Get the coefficient of restitution.
void SetRestitution (float restitution)
float GetRestitutionThreshold () const
 Get the restitution velocity threshold.
void SetRestitutionThreshold (float threshold)
const b2AABBGetAABB (int32 childIndex) const
void Dump (int32 bodyIndex)
 Dump this fixture to the log file.

Protected Member Functions

void Create (b2BlockAllocator *allocator, b2Body *body, const b2FixtureDef *def)
void Destroy (b2BlockAllocator *allocator)
void CreateProxies (b2BroadPhase *broadPhase, const b2Transform &xf)
void DestroyProxies (b2BroadPhase *broadPhase)
void Synchronize (b2BroadPhase *broadPhase, const b2Transform &xf1, const b2Transform &xf2)

Protected Attributes

float m_density
float m_friction
float m_restitution
float m_restitutionThreshold
int32 m_proxyCount
b2Filter m_filter
bool m_isSensor
b2FixtureUserData m_userData


class b2Body
class b2World
class b2Contact
class b2ContactManager

Detailed Description

A fixture is used to attach a shape to a body for collision detection. A fixture inherits its transform from its parent. Fixtures hold additional non-geometric data such as friction, collision filters, etc. Fixtures are created via b2Body::CreateFixture.

you cannot reuse fixtures.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAABB()

const b2AABB & b2Fixture::GetAABB ( int32  childIndex) const

Get the fixture's AABB. This AABB may be enlarge and/or stale. If you need a more accurate AABB, compute it using the shape and the body transform.

◆ GetBody()

const b2Body * b2Fixture::GetBody ( )

Get the parent body of this fixture. This is nullptr if the fixture is not attached.

the parent body.

◆ GetMassData()

void b2Fixture::GetMassData ( b2MassData massData) const

Get the mass data for this fixture. The mass data is based on the density and the shape. The rotational inertia is about the shape's origin. This operation may be expensive.

◆ GetNext()

const b2Fixture * b2Fixture::GetNext ( )

Get the next fixture in the parent body's fixture list.

the next shape.

◆ GetShape()

const b2Shape * b2Fixture::GetShape ( )

Get the child shape. You can modify the child shape, however you should not change the number of vertices because this will crash some collision caching mechanisms. Manipulating the shape may lead to non-physical behavior.

◆ GetType()

b2Shape::Type b2Fixture::GetType ( ) const

Get the type of the child shape. You can use this to down cast to the concrete shape.

the shape type.

◆ GetUserData()

b2FixtureUserData & b2Fixture::GetUserData ( )

Get the user data that was assigned in the fixture definition. Use this to store your application specific data.

◆ IsSensor()

bool b2Fixture::IsSensor ( ) const

Is this fixture a sensor (non-solid)?

the true if the shape is a sensor.

◆ RayCast()

bool b2Fixture::RayCast ( b2RayCastOutput output,
const b2RayCastInput input,
int32  childIndex 
) const

Cast a ray against this shape.

outputthe ray-cast results.
inputthe ray-cast input parameters.
childIndexthe child shape index (e.g. edge index)

◆ SetDensity()

void b2Fixture::SetDensity ( float  density)

Set the density of this fixture. This will not automatically adjust the mass of the body. You must call b2Body::ResetMassData to update the body's mass.

◆ SetFilterData()

void b2Fixture::SetFilterData ( const b2Filter filter)

Set the contact filtering data. This will not update contacts until the next time step when either parent body is active and awake. This automatically calls Refilter.

◆ SetFriction()

void b2Fixture::SetFriction ( float  friction)

Set the coefficient of friction. This will not change the friction of existing contacts.

◆ SetRestitution()

void b2Fixture::SetRestitution ( float  restitution)

Set the coefficient of restitution. This will not change the restitution of existing contacts.

◆ SetRestitutionThreshold()

void b2Fixture::SetRestitutionThreshold ( float  threshold)

Set the restitution threshold. This will not change the restitution threshold of existing contacts.

◆ TestPoint()

bool b2Fixture::TestPoint ( const b2Vec2 p) const

Test a point for containment in this fixture.

pa point in world coordinates.

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