Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2FixtureDef Struct Reference

#include <b2_fixture.h>

Public Member Functions

 b2FixtureDef ()
 The constructor sets the default fixture definition values.

Public Attributes

const b2Shapeshape
b2FixtureUserData userData
 Use this to store application specific fixture data.
float friction
 The friction coefficient, usually in the range [0,1].
float restitution
 The restitution (elasticity) usually in the range [0,1].
float restitutionThreshold
float density
 The density, usually in kg/m^2.
bool isSensor
b2Filter filter
 Contact filtering data.

Detailed Description

A fixture definition is used to create a fixture. This class defines an abstract fixture definition. You can reuse fixture definitions safely.

Member Data Documentation

◆ isSensor

bool b2FixtureDef::isSensor

A sensor shape collects contact information but never generates a collision response.

◆ restitutionThreshold

float b2FixtureDef::restitutionThreshold

Restitution velocity threshold, usually in m/s. Collisions above this speed have restitution applied (will bounce).

◆ shape

const b2Shape* b2FixtureDef::shape

The shape, this must be set. The shape will be cloned, so you can create the shape on the stack.

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