box2d 3.0.0
A 2D physics engine for games
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b2Statistics Struct Reference

Counters that give details of the simulation size. More...

#include <timer.h>

Data Fields

int32_t islandCount
int32_t bodyCount
int32_t contactCount
int32_t jointCount
int32_t proxyCount
int32_t pairCount
int32_t treeHeight
int32_t stackCapacity
int32_t stackUsed
int32_t byteCount
int32_t taskCount
int32_t colorCounts [b2_graphColorCount+1]

Detailed Description

Counters that give details of the simulation size.

Field Documentation

◆ bodyCount

int32_t b2Statistics::bodyCount

◆ byteCount

int32_t b2Statistics::byteCount

◆ colorCounts

int32_t b2Statistics::colorCounts[b2_graphColorCount+1]

◆ contactCount

int32_t b2Statistics::contactCount

◆ islandCount

int32_t b2Statistics::islandCount

◆ jointCount

int32_t b2Statistics::jointCount

◆ pairCount

int32_t b2Statistics::pairCount

◆ proxyCount

int32_t b2Statistics::proxyCount

◆ stackCapacity

int32_t b2Statistics::stackCapacity

◆ stackUsed

int32_t b2Statistics::stackUsed

◆ taskCount

int32_t b2Statistics::taskCount

◆ treeHeight

int32_t b2Statistics::treeHeight

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