Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2Sweep Struct Reference

#include <b2_math.h>

Public Member Functions

void GetTransform (b2Transform *transform, float beta) const
void Advance (float alpha)
void Normalize ()
 Normalize the angles. More...

Public Attributes

b2Vec2 localCenter
 local center of mass position
b2Vec2 c0
b2Vec2 c
 center world positions
float a0
float a
 world angles
float alpha0

Detailed Description

This describes the motion of a body/shape for TOI computation. Shapes are defined with respect to the body origin, which may no coincide with the center of mass. However, to support dynamics we must interpolate the center of mass position.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Advance()

void b2Sweep::Advance ( float  alpha)

Advance the sweep forward, yielding a new initial state.

alphathe new initial time.

◆ GetTransform()

void b2Sweep::GetTransform ( b2Transform transform,
float  beta 
) const

Get the interpolated transform at a specific time.

transformthe output transform
betais a factor in [0,1], where 0 indicates alpha0.

◆ Normalize()

void b2Sweep::Normalize ( )

Normalize the angles.

Normalize an angle in radians to be between -pi and pi.

Member Data Documentation

◆ alpha0

float b2Sweep::alpha0

Fraction of the current time step in the range [0,1] c0 and a0 are the positions at alpha0.

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