Box2D  2.4.1
A 2D physics engine for games
b2MotorJointDef Struct Reference

Motor joint definition. More...

#include <b2_motor_joint.h>

Inheritance diagram for b2MotorJointDef:

Public Member Functions

void Initialize (b2Body *bodyA, b2Body *bodyB)
 Initialize the bodies and offsets using the current transforms.

Public Attributes

b2Vec2 linearOffset
 Position of bodyB minus the position of bodyA, in bodyA's frame, in meters.
float angularOffset
 The bodyB angle minus bodyA angle in radians.
float maxForce
 The maximum motor force in N.
float maxTorque
 The maximum motor torque in N-m.
float correctionFactor
 Position correction factor in the range [0,1].
- Public Attributes inherited from b2JointDef
b2JointType type
 The joint type is set automatically for concrete joint types.
b2JointUserData userData
 Use this to attach application specific data to your joints.
 The first attached body.
 The second attached body.
bool collideConnected
 Set this flag to true if the attached bodies should collide.

Detailed Description

Motor joint definition.

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