Box2D  2.4.1
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b2PrismaticJoint Class Reference

#include <b2_prismatic_joint.h>

Inheritance diagram for b2PrismaticJoint:

Public Member Functions

b2Vec2 GetAnchorA () const override
 Get the anchor point on bodyA in world coordinates.
b2Vec2 GetAnchorB () const override
 Get the anchor point on bodyB in world coordinates.
b2Vec2 GetReactionForce (float inv_dt) const override
 Get the reaction force on bodyB at the joint anchor in Newtons.
float GetReactionTorque (float inv_dt) const override
 Get the reaction torque on bodyB in N*m.
const b2Vec2GetLocalAnchorA () const
 The local anchor point relative to bodyA's origin.
const b2Vec2GetLocalAnchorB () const
 The local anchor point relative to bodyB's origin.
const b2Vec2GetLocalAxisA () const
 The local joint axis relative to bodyA.
float GetReferenceAngle () const
 Get the reference angle.
float GetJointTranslation () const
 Get the current joint translation, usually in meters.
float GetJointSpeed () const
 Get the current joint translation speed, usually in meters per second.
bool IsLimitEnabled () const
 Is the joint limit enabled?
void EnableLimit (bool flag)
 Enable/disable the joint limit.
float GetLowerLimit () const
 Get the lower joint limit, usually in meters.
float GetUpperLimit () const
 Get the upper joint limit, usually in meters.
void SetLimits (float lower, float upper)
 Set the joint limits, usually in meters.
bool IsMotorEnabled () const
 Is the joint motor enabled?
void EnableMotor (bool flag)
 Enable/disable the joint motor.
void SetMotorSpeed (float speed)
 Set the motor speed, usually in meters per second.
float GetMotorSpeed () const
 Get the motor speed, usually in meters per second.
void SetMaxMotorForce (float force)
 Set the maximum motor force, usually in N.
float GetMaxMotorForce () const
float GetMotorForce (float inv_dt) const
 Get the current motor force given the inverse time step, usually in N.
void Dump () override
 Dump to b2Log.
void Draw (b2Draw *draw) const override
 Debug draw this joint.
- Public Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
b2JointType GetType () const
 Get the type of the concrete joint.
b2BodyGetBodyA ()
 Get the first body attached to this joint.
b2BodyGetBodyB ()
 Get the second body attached to this joint.
b2JointGetNext ()
 Get the next joint the world joint list.
const b2JointGetNext () const
b2JointUserDataGetUserData ()
 Get the user data pointer.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Short-cut function to determine if either body is enabled.
bool GetCollideConnected () const
virtual void ShiftOrigin (const b2Vec2 &newOrigin)
 Shift the origin for any points stored in world coordinates.

Protected Member Functions

 b2PrismaticJoint (const b2PrismaticJointDef *def)
void InitVelocityConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
void SolveVelocityConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
bool SolvePositionConstraints (const b2SolverData &data) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
 b2Joint (const b2JointDef *def)

Protected Attributes

b2Vec2 m_localAnchorA
b2Vec2 m_localAnchorB
b2Vec2 m_localXAxisA
b2Vec2 m_localYAxisA
float m_referenceAngle
b2Vec2 m_impulse
float m_motorImpulse
float m_lowerImpulse
float m_upperImpulse
float m_lowerTranslation
float m_upperTranslation
float m_maxMotorForce
float m_motorSpeed
bool m_enableLimit
bool m_enableMotor
int32 m_indexA
int32 m_indexB
b2Vec2 m_localCenterA
b2Vec2 m_localCenterB
float m_invMassA
float m_invMassB
float m_invIA
float m_invIB
b2Vec2 m_axis
b2Vec2 m_perp
float m_s1
float m_s2
float m_a1
float m_a2
b2Mat22 m_K
float m_translation
float m_axialMass
- Protected Attributes inherited from b2Joint
b2JointType m_type
b2JointEdge m_edgeA
b2JointEdge m_edgeB
int32 m_index
bool m_islandFlag
bool m_collideConnected
b2JointUserData m_userData


class b2Joint
class b2GearJoint

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from b2Joint
static b2JointCreate (const b2JointDef *def, b2BlockAllocator *allocator)
static void Destroy (b2Joint *joint, b2BlockAllocator *allocator)

Detailed Description

A prismatic joint. This joint provides one degree of freedom: translation along an axis fixed in bodyA. Relative rotation is prevented. You can use a joint limit to restrict the range of motion and a joint motor to drive the motion or to model joint friction.

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