Performance in browsers

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Performance in browsers

Postby SHOT(by)GUN » Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:52 am


I'v studied Box2D and Jbox2D in school and in home, but somehow performance in my home computer was much slower than in school... I wondered why...

Then I figured that it depends on browser wich you run the app...

Benchmark with bare eye:

Benchmark app:

- Windows 7 RC2 64bit

Java JRE
- 1.6
- 32 bit
- 64 bit

- Google Chrome 3.0

- Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2
- Google Chrome 3.0 (Run as Administrator mode)

- Internet Explorer 8

- Internet Explorer 8 (64-bit)

You can confirm that Internet Explorer 8 64bit uses 64bit JRE, by:
- open browser & java applet page
- opening Java Controlpanel from taskbar icon
- Java environment => View
- See the JRE installed path

This is pretty intresting.... I'll try all apps with IE8 64bit so I get best experience...

Any1 got any facts or documents regarding this?

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