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Registration Questions

Postby bugmenot » Wed May 01, 2013 7:03 am

You might be locking out people who didn't go to an English/American (high?) school. The last time I've been asked questions like that in words (rather than in code or something;)) was 20 years ago and in a different freaking language - I didn't understand a single one of the questions I got before I reached the session limit.

You probably don't mean it like that, but the way you seem to assume that everyone who "can be allowed to register here" should be familiar with questions like that and easily able to answer them can make sort of an unhelpful / arrogant / elitist / "rude" first impression. A forum registration "turing test" is generally not something that people want (or feel comfortable) to do "research" for first.

( And if those questions keep out spam bots significantly better than something along the lines of: "What colour is a ripe apple?" is to be highly doubted. )

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