Player Body Position sometimes changes.

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Player Body Position sometimes changes.

Postby Ildelian » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:30 am

I have a Simply Box2D Game.

A Dynamic Player. A Static Floor. A static Diamonds Matrix.

You can see the problem in this video.

The player sometimes pass through the floor and the diamonds instead of walk over it.

I have analyzed the body.getPosition() before and after the player pass through the Static objects and this is the result:

body.getPosition().x = 0.5
body.getPosition().y = 1.0


body.getPosition().x = 0.48
body.getPosition().y = 0.51


I start the game.
I start to walk over the floor.
Randomly , the player collides with an invisible object, the player make a little jump and then pass through the floor.

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