Motor joint pushes dynamic body through kin/stat bodies

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Motor joint pushes dynamic body through kin/stat bodies

Postby tapgar » Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:53 am

So I have a kinematic body which is 4 polygons set as edges (like a border of a rectangle). Inside the kinematic body I have a prismatic motor connected to a dynamic body.

An image is included... sorry for all of the joints.

At some point I move another dynamic box inside the kinematic body and try to use the linear motor to squeeze the dynamic box between the motor and the kinematic body. The collision between the two dynamic bodies looks good however the motor continues to push the box through the kinematic body. The motor speed is at 35 mmps and the kinematic body is roughly 600x600 mm (using the default scaling).

I have tried the following:
Tried different densities for the two dynamic bodies.
Tried adding an additional kinematic polygon set as a box in front of the dynamic box but the motor still pusher the dynamic box through it.
Added a static body in front of the kinematic body
Verified the collision masks were set up correctly
Increased my world position step to 10.

The code is quite long so I thought I would describe the problem first in case it is something obvious or I am making a common mistake.

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