Simple Spring Mass System (Hooks Law and 2nd Law, Newtonian)

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Simple Spring Mass System (Hooks Law and 2nd Law, Newtonian)

Postby metamorphfly » Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:40 am

If anyone can kindly point in the direction of how to attach a Spring class that animates a damped spring, where on the top of the movie clip I connect it to a solid mass in WCK and at the bottom of the spring I attach a weight that can be touch gestured down and Box2D would function well with WCK pre-setup objects I'd appreciate it.

If that's not clear, it's a simple spring mass simulation with Hook's Law and 2nd law of motion:

1. Solid bar above.
2. Top end of spring attaches to bar
3. At the bottom end of the spring is a circular, box or triangle weight.

Best way to provide touch gesture to move the weight and the spring reacts.

I'm not concerned with horizontal movement as there will be guides. Just vertical.

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