I'd like to try Box2D with C# and SFML

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The Tiger
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I'd like to try Box2D with C# and SFML

Postby The Tiger » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:26 pm

Hello, people

I am a C# programmer and make games with SFML, and other apps (but I'm clumsy for searching and those things), and as I have heard about Box2D I thought that it might help me very much with issues like a game character walking down/up hill and other stuff that needs physics. The matter is that I googled but I didn't find any code example for Box2Dx (as I kenw, the port for C#), nor the way to get or how to use the DLLs for C#. Less than less, a documentation about how to use the Box2Dx classes with C# and SFML.

So I ask you if someone could guide me to get my purpose. Another thing, would it be correct to post in the forum links to own games (using Box2D or not)? I mean, to show gratitude for your help and for Box2D.

Thanks in advance
Pablo (from Bs As Argentina)

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