Box2D v2.3.1 Released

Google Code no longer allows for downloads, therefore you will have to use SVN to get v2.3.1:

svn checkout

You can view the changes here:

The main change was the conversion of the Testbed to use GLFW and imgui instead of freeglut and GLUI. GLUI was not supported and I was having trouble with freeglut in newer versions of Visual Studio. If you work in Visual Studio 2013 or Xcode 5, you can open the project file and get started. On other platforms you will have to do more work to set things up. The big difference in running the Testbed is that the working path needs to be setup correctly so that the font may be loaded. In Visual Studio you can set the working path under the project settings. In Xcode you can setup a custom working directory in the Testbed scheme. The Testbed will crash if it fails to load the font file.

16 thoughts on “Box2D v2.3.1 Released

  1. Does testbed require GLSL 4.0 now? I compiled it “by hand” (premake also does not work for me) and it displays an error because best i can do is GLSL 1.2.

  2. Yes, the testbed requires OpenGL 4.0 now. This is supported in Windows 7 and OSX Mavericks. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it working in older versions.

    • Any chance you can use GL version available on the system instead of requiring OpenGL 4.0? Not even MESA 3D software implementation has started work on GLSL 4 yet for systems missing GL 4. I can’t even compile on the test framework a system only a few years old. It’s basic 2D physics…. not like it’s 3D PhysX, maxing out on CUDA cores on next generation graphics cards. No reason to force OpenGL 4.0

      • I’m using OpenGL for rendering, not physics. I had trouble getting a lower version of OpenGL to run on the latest OSX. To be honest, I find it difficult to know what version of OpenGL I should use and what the legal instructions are. This is my first venture in to GLSL and I used a book that describes version 4.0.

  3. I used visual studio express 2013, but when i build it. the program crashed.
    the output like this:

    OpenGL 2.1.0 – Build, GLSL 1.20 – Intel Build
    Error compiling shader of type 35633!
    ERROR: 0:1: ” : Version number not supported by OGL driver
    ERROR: 0:3: ‘layout’ : syntax error parse error
    Error compiling shader of type 35632!
    ERROR: 0:1: ” : Version number not supported by OGL driver
    ERROR: 0:2: ‘in’ : syntax error parse error
    Assertion failed: vsId != 0 && fsId != 0, file ..\..\Testbed\Framework\DebugDraw
    .cpp, line 176

    could you give me some tips to solve this?

  4. Hi, I’m using VS2010 and is facing some issues building the glew and glfw projects.

    May I know where am I supposed to find the sys/select.h?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’m guessing you are including a source file that is not needed for VS. Simply remove that file from the project.

  5. Can I get a tutorial on compiling this for VS2010?
    I’ve tried myself but I can’t get it to work properly.

    • VS2013 Express edition is free from MS. Sorry, I don’t have time to support multiple versions of VS.

  6. I’m in China,here could not open any link about google,can you post a svn zip to my email?
    I want box2d version 2.3.1
    my mail is

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