New Testbed GUI

I’m making progress on a revised testbed framework using GLFW, GLEW, and imgui.

This is replacing the old framework that uses freeglut and GLUI. GLUI is no longer supported and freeglut has been having some problems with newer versions of Visual Studio. Maybe freeglut 3.0 will be better. GLFW is well maintained and very small. Hopefully it works well on OSX.

Anyhow, I’m excited by the results, so I decided to post a screenshot. I’m hoping to commit this in the next few days. I need to repair text rendering and get the XCode project fixed up.


5 thoughts on “New Testbed GUI

  1. I find a bug: in rMBP-15″ OSX10.9, box2d world is 1/4 size of the window at left-bottom.

  2. Hi, I’m developing a tool for myself with testbed framework, where can I get the new testbed code, can I try it now?

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