Box2D 2.3.0 Released

It has been a long time, but version 2.3.0 has finally been released. You can get it here: .

Here are the changes:

  • Polygon creation now computes the convex hull. Vertices no longer need to be ordered.
  • The convex hull code will merge vertices closer than dm_linearSlop. This may lead to failure on very small polygons.
  • Added b2MotorJoint.
  • Bug fixes.

Next year, Google Code will not allow new downloads: . So I am now using SVN tags for releases. If you want to switch over to using tags now, then you can use this:

svn checkout

I plan to switch to this method for the next release of Box2D. Hopefully Google will make it easier to download a tagged version.

9 thoughts on “Box2D 2.3.0 Released

  1. Awesome.

    Thanks very much Erin, I can’t say enough good things about your contribution.

    All the best.

  2. Great! I wouldn’t notice the update without Google though…
    Anyway, digging the updates!

    P.S. Maybe it’s time for moving to Git? 😉

  3. I highly suggest migrating away from Google Code. If you decided to use SourceForge you wouldn’t even have to switch to git. (Git is slightly better, but doesn’t make *that* much of a difference.)

    Google has done little to improve their service since they launched it. Furthermore, it looks as though they soon intend to terminate it altogether…

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