GDC 2013

This year’s physics tutorial was a lot of fun and all the speakers did a great job. We had some new speakers this year and all the presentations contained new material. You can get all the presentations here: Downloads. Look for files with a summary prefix of “GDC 2013”.

You can get Glenn Fiedler’s presentation here: click

4 thoughts on “GDC 2013

  1. Thanks for the links Erin 😉
    I’m a big fan of Box2D, and I’m currently writing a 2D physics engine myself, so that’s a big help.

  2. Are videos for these tutorials (and previous years) available at all? Maybe in the GDC Vault? I’ve done some searching around and seems like its just not recorded at all, which is a shame.

    • To be more clear, I meant specifically, your (Erin’s) tutorials and Glenn Fiedler(and a few others.) I know some of the tutorials have videos.

      I don’t get to go to GDC often, so, I try to relive the talks I wanted to see as genuinely as possible 😉

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