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  1. There is a pdf and a PowerPoint 2010 file. The PowerPoint file has videos embedded.

  2. i cant download this engine from google please put a direct link

    • Sorry, Google blocks some countries. Please ask on the forums for someone to send you the files.

  3. I am interested in the videos but for some reason my powerpoint wont let me play them telling me its missing codecs.. Can you tell me in what format they’re in, where to get right codecs or post raw videos? 🙂

    • They are in wmv format. You might need to be running Win7 and/or PowerPoint 2010.

    • Rename the .pptx file to .zip, unzip it, go to the “media” folder, and then open the wmv files with mplayer.

  4. I just implemented rag doll physics in my animation tool Animate2D available on google play. Not yet released on iOS.

    Check it out here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coppola.animate2dlite

    I happened to use chipmunk. But the physics is hidden in two classes, Physics and PhysicsNode I could easily swap out the implementation and use Box2D to see which engine scales better with number of constraints. But I went with chipmunk because I didn’t want to deal with all of the meter’s to pixel conversions and limited world bounds.

    Interesting stuff here.

    Don’t implement your games before I do. I’m still writing my tools.

  5. On another note box2d is 2D and this is a 3d game. So you wrote yet another proprietary physics engine in 3D or did you use bullet and extend it? All these bright minds redoing the same stuff over and over. A motorcycle wheel is not suitable on bike, so I believe in reinventing the wheel, but more often than not overall time is saved if people collaborated. Bullet Physics seems to be the 3D physics engine to use as of late for 3D games. And it is offered under the zlib license i believe. Seems like a lot of time would be saved if you added to an existing engine. What was your approach here?

    Here is an example of my problems:
    I wanted to use cartwheel3d but then I noticed they implemented their own yet another physics engine. Would be interesting to apply their techniques to rag dolls setup with standard game physics engines like box2d, bullet, or chipmunk, etc. I wish I had the time for that but there is so much to do with current available and ready technology that I can’t justify the time monkeying around with their code to get those techniques working on standard physics engines. Particularly when you had three heavy weight post docs, one at disney research zurich, the other at google, the other a professor who together probably spent a half year on this stuff at least.


    Erin Catto, can you do this? You have a theoretical physics degree from my alma mater I am a mere undergraduate.

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