Return of the Blog!

I miss having a blog.

I brought down the old gphysics blog because I was having too many security troubles on godaddy. My new host has had zero security issues. Hurrah!

The old Box2D site was custom made raw html, making it tedious to add posts. Hopefully soon you will start seeing more content on this page.

9 thoughts on “Return of the Blog!

  1. Great news. if you want suggestions or interesting topics, talk about box2d coordinates system versus the srandard drawing coordinates system.

  2. I like the new site! Hopefully the blog format will encourage it to be updated more than the last site’s News section… The layout is clean and professional looking, I like the simplicity (though I don’t know if you’ll change the look as time goes; it could do with some ). Will there be any changes made to the forum template to help unify the look?

    Also, it may be nice to add/change some things to the navigation menu up top. I wasn’t sure if “About” was about the blog or about Box2D… turns out it’s a mix between about Box2D and a features list of Box2D. Maybe these can be clarified? I’m just thinking of a new user looking for specific information on Box2D and where they would click to find it.

  3. Dang it, I realized I was modifying my comment on the site’s simplicity and then jumped to writing the next paragraph without finishing my comment (my brain rarely works in a linear fashion :)).

    I was going to say it could do with some pretty pictures/videos.

  4. Absolutely amazing website, I love the theme. I’m on an iPad and this looks perfect, glad the site is up and fresh, continue your good work!

  5. I guess I’m late to the party here, but who’s your new provider? I’m using godaddy at the moment, so if you have a better alternative, I’d love to know what it is! Also, I’m using blogger for my blog at the moment. Setting things up is relatively painless because of the Google integration, but making the page look nice tends to be a pain. How’s WordPress?

    • I’m using HostGator. It is much more secure for me than GoDaddy. I’m liking WordPress, but I haven’t done any customization.

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